In Personico, Leventina Valley, the company Gazzose Ticinesi SA manufactures and commercialises Fizzy, a typical sparkling soft drink from the Canton of Ticino. Our features: the spring water from "Pont da Picol", which is located at 1000 meters altitude in the Nadro Valley.

The first factory dates back to 1890. It was built by Crispino Cantoni, native of Novaggio and moved to Bodio on the birth of the little industrial area. Named "Gazzosa Cantoni", the factory remained in Bodio until the end of the Seventies, when Gianelli family took over it and moved it to Personico, changing the name to Gazzosa Sassi Grossi (name inspired by the namesake battle, well known as Giornico's Battle). In 1972, the factory is detected from Augusto Bontà and named "Ambra SA Successori Cantoni", first step of an era of expansions and renovations leading to the building – in 1982 – of a real and forefront production line, which allows Ambra SA (producing third party, in the meantime) to multiply the 400 bottles per hour production of the beginning up to 2.500. From local artisan reality, the factory turns itself more and more into regional little industry.

The last renovation comes with the pharmacist and businessman Luca Bianda from Ticino, who is the current administrator of Gazzose Ticinesi SA. Mr Bianda took over the factory in 2009 and fully renewed the whole productive system (currently set at 4.000 bottles per hour), extending the centuries-old tradition and introduces the new quality standard HCAAP, ISO 9001 and IFS Food Standard.