15.06 2019

Fizzy at the Tour de Suisse with a game and a competition

Next to the Fizzy tent in the Vilage you can participate in the game and in the competition.

The price for the winners of the game and the competition is: 1 night for two people at the Hotel Belvedere of Locarno (

The winners are drawn on the 26th of June.

List of the daily winners of the game:

15th June: Silvio Winkler, Blumenstein

16th June: Mario Winkler, Blumenstein

17th June: Mario Winkler, Blumenstein

18th June: Dustin Salvisberg, Gland

19th June: Garegh Burkhard, Wettswil

20th June: Philip Joss, Vaduz

21st June: Christian Pinana, Castione

22nd June: Nina Pianzola, Glis

23th June: Tanja Zumoten, Selkingen

Winner of the game: Mario Winkler, Blumenstein

Winner of the competition: Agnes Gassmann, Herbligen

In Personico, Leventina Valley, the company Gazzose Ticinesi SA manufactures and commercialises Fizzy, a typical sparkling soft drink from the Canton of Ticino. Our features: the spring water from "Pont da Picol", which is located at 1000 meters altitude in the Nadro Valley.


"La mediterranea", has a unique, pleasant and youthful flavour of tangerine.


Gazzosa history

Gazzosa is a sweetened, flavoured and slightly carbonated water, whose name comes from its own feature, the gas. In the past - as fizzy, flavoured and consumed on special occasions - it was called "The poor man's Champagne", bacause of the bubbles, reminiscent of Champagne.

From the evidence collected, since the nineteenth century until the last decades of the twentieth there has been a special way to prepare gazzosa in Tessin, now abandoned: to obtain gas through the natural fermentation of a sweetened liquid, a syrup made of lemon, various flavours and water (the similar process used with grape must or apple must). That was the way to get a homemade gazzosa, or "The poor man's Champagne", due to the natural fermentation.